Check Out These Winter Road Trip Destinations in Colorado

There is no sight more beautiful than a Colorado winter. But don’t just stick around Limon this season. Head out to one of these winter road trip destinations in Colorado to truly take in the season.

  • Denver: Denver isn’t a far drive from Limon and has plenty to do year-round. If you like breathtaking views and tasty craft beer, Denver is the city for you.
  • Ouray Ice Park: Have you tried your hand at ice-climbing? Ouray Ice Park is world-famous for it. After the strenuous workout, relax in one of Ouray’s hot-spring spas.
  • Estes Park: Make Estes Park your destination to try out your snowshoes this winter. Snowshoeing is a cool way to explore the wintry outdoors, and if you don’t have some of your own, you can rent a pair in town. Make reservations in advanced to stay at the infamous Stanley Hotel, which was Steven King’s inspiration for “The Shining.”
  • Crested Butte: Are you a fan of skiing? The best place in Colorado to try your hand— or feet — at skiing is in Crested Butte. Afterward, enjoy delicious food from the nearby restaurants.
  • Telluride: Stay in the mountain resort in Telluride for a truly remote Colorado experience. Be prepared though: this former Victorian mining town is a seven-hour drive from Limon.

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winter road trip destinations in Colorado

3 Family-Friendly Road Trip Games

Spending time with family on a road trip is always fun, but it can also get a bit boring at times! To help fight boredom, here are three family-friendly road trip gamesRoad trip games to help keep passengers of all ages entertained while you’re out on the road.

The Name Game. This memory game is a great way to keep passengers of all ages entertained. Begin this by saying a name. The second player must then say another name that starts with the last letter of the previous name. For instance, if the first name is “Al,” then the second player can say “Larry,” and it goes from there. Just remember, there can’t be any repeats!

The License Plate Game. If you’re traveling across the country, this is a great game to entertain the kids. Give each player a pen or pencil and a list of all 50 states. As you drive, players should cross out each state they see – and write down any countries, too. At the end of the drive, the one to have the most states is the winner.

20 Questions. This classic game is great for car rides of any length. Have a passenger think of a person, place, or thing. Then, the rest of the passengers have 20 questions to figure out what it is. Whoever gets it right gets to begin the next round.

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