Fiat Chrysler Special Edition Minivans Celebrates 35-Year Anniversary

This year is the year of the minivan for Fiat Chrysler. The Italian-American carmaker is celebrating 35 years of its minivans this year after introducing its first model in late 1983 – and it’s doing so in the best way possible with special edition models of the Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan.

These Fiat Chrysler special edition minivans will look to appeal to families of all shapes and sizes. The Pacifica 35th Anniversary Edition will come available as both a hybrid and a gasoline-powered model with several trim levels. No matter the trim, this model will have chrome badging, a special 35th anniversary badge, an all-black interior with red stiching, and a black grille. You could even get extra equipment like 20-inch wheels and choose from one of ten paint options.

Fiat Chrysler Special Edition Minivans - Limon, CO

The 35th Anniversary Dodge Caravan will also come with special badging to highlight its special-edition status, while also offering 17-inch wheels and a bright grille. Six paint options are available, along with plenty of additional features that you can choose from.

Fiat Chrysler will begin selling these special edition models this summer. Since it first introduced its minivans, the carmaker has sold more than 14.6 million models – and continues to excel at doing so with a 55% market share in this segment. For more information about how you can bring one of these vehicles home, contact us at Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram.

Could We Get an AWD Chrysler Pacifica?

The Chrysler Pacifica, since entering the market as a minivan, has continued to impress critics and drivers alike. Arguably, it is the industry’s best minivan to date, with an available plug-in hybrid powertrain, luxurious materials, advanced technology, and a spacious interior. So what could make the Pacifica even better?

All-wheel drive, baby.

And according to rumors from the reputable Automotive News, that’s very likely happening. Right now, the market only has one 4×4 minivan available: the otherwise drab and dated Toyota Sienna. An AWD Chrysler Pacifica would push the minivan even further ahead of the competition and make it an even more enticing offer to families deciding between an SUV and a minivan. All-wheel drive is an especially appealing safety feature in northern states and in Canada, where snowy and icy conditions often lead to a decrease in traction. We know all about that out here in Colorado, of course.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has not actually confirmed this news yet, so it is still considered a rumor and nothing more. That means we have very few details—and the ones we do have not been verified. But if Automotive News is to be believed, Chrysler is already hard at work on the AWD version, meaning we may see one here in just a couple years!

AWD Chrysler Pacifica - Limon, CO

If you need a minivan now, contact us at Transwest CDJR to see the current Pacifica in person.

Protecting Our Protectors

As a member of the Limon, Colorado community, Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is proud to participate in the local fundraising event “Protecting Our Protectors”. This event has been put together by Pronghorn Country Ace Hardware and Oscars Bar and Grill and is designed to raise money to purchase body armor for the Limon Police Department, the Hugo Police Department, and the Lincoln County Sheriff Department. In addition to Limon’s police force, the Lincoln County schools will benefit from any extra money that is raised to improve school safety.

The “Protecting Our Protectors” event is striving to raise $25,500 in order to purchase 17 Shield 616 armor packages. The packages includes MICH Ballistic Helmets, Ballistic Plate Carrier Vests and rifle plates. If you are driving through Lincoln County you will notice the Thin Blue Line American flag which across the country represents support for our American Law Enforcement Officers. To show your support for all our American Law Enforcement and to donate to Lincoln County’s local heroes you can purchase a Thin Blue Line American flag ($25), small stick flags ($5), bracelets ($5), decals ($3) or a complete armor package ($1,500). All of these items can be purchased at Pronghorn Country Ace Hardware or Oscars Bar and Grill through April 26th, 2018.

While Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has only been apart of the community for a couple of years, the members of this town have made us feel right at home from day one. That is one of many reasons that we promise to continue to provide honest prices, great service and continued support to this community and the surrounding areas!

The Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram crew showing their support with the Thin Blue Line American Flag.