Could We Get an AWD Chrysler Pacifica?

The Chrysler Pacifica, since entering the market as a minivan, has continued to impress critics and drivers alike. Arguably, it is the industry’s best minivan to date, with an available plug-in hybrid powertrain, luxurious materials, advanced technology, and a spacious interior. So what could make the Pacifica even better?

All-wheel drive, baby.

And according to rumors from the reputable Automotive News, that’s very likely happening. Right now, the market only has one 4×4 minivan available: the otherwise drab and dated Toyota Sienna. An AWD Chrysler Pacifica would push the minivan even further ahead of the competition and make it an even more enticing offer to families deciding between an SUV and a minivan. All-wheel drive is an especially appealing safety feature in northern states and in Canada, where snowy and icy conditions often lead to a decrease in traction. We know all about that out here in Colorado, of course.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has not actually confirmed this news yet, so it is still considered a rumor and nothing more. That means we have very few details—and the ones we do have not been verified. But if Automotive News is to be believed, Chrysler is already hard at work on the AWD version, meaning we may see one here in just a couple years!

AWD Chrysler Pacifica - Limon, CO

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