5 Tailgating Tips to Help Make Your Experience Even Better

There’s nothing like tailgating before a big sporting event, whether it’s your high school’s homecoming game or your favorite pro team. Here are some tailgating tips to make sure you have the best experience possible on the big day.

    1. Be prepared. Prepare as much as you possibly can before you leave for the game to make sure that you’re not forgetting everything. Make lists and check them twice, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself that much more when you arrive.
    2. Turn one of your coolers into a warming oven. If you’ve already cooked some items and don’t feel like re-heating them when you arrive at your destination, then use bricks, wet towels, aluminum foil, and a bit of heat from your oven beforehand to turn your cooler into a warming oven.
    3. Don’t forget the tunes. Creating an exciting atmosphere is difficult unless you have some top-notch music. Pump up the volume with portable speakers to prepare yourself for the big game.
    4. Bring a large plastic tub for dirty dishes. Even if you’re using disposable plates and utensils, it’s likely you will still have some dirty dishes to clean up after the game is over. Bring a large plastic tub specifically to put dirty dishes into so you don’t have to worry about getting everything else in your car messy.
    5. Remember to show your pride. You want to celebrate your home team, right? Make sure you’re loud and proud about who you’re supporting in the big game, whether you’re at your son’s high school match or a professional stadium. Streamers, banners, and more are great ways to do just that – and easy to clean up!

    Tailgating tips

    Of course, if you would like a new vehicle to tailgate with, then make sure to come to Transwest CDJR before you get too far into tailgating season. We will be happy to help you choose the perfect vehicle for you.

    Transwest in Limon: Stock the Chalk Event

    Stock the Chalk at Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

    The 2018 school year has started for Lincoln County public schools and Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram wants to help support the classrooms of Genoa-Hugo, Karval, and Limon by collecting and matching school supply donations. We take great pride in being involved in the surrounding community and look forward to giving back to the youth’s education this year and years to come. That’s why we’ve started the Transwest Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Stock the Chalk event.

    For the month of September, we are challenging the community to fill the bed of a Ram 1500 with school supplies for the Limon public schools. Not only will Transwest be matching all school supply donations that are made, we will also be donating $100 per vehicle purchased to the school district of YOUR choice!

    Not sure what to bring? Here are some ideas:

    Tissues Dry Erase Expo Markers Pencil Pouch/School Box
    Clorox Wipes Calculators Scissors
    #2 Pencils Erasers College Ruled Notebooks
    Crayola Markers 3 Subject Spiral Notebooks Book Covers
    Folders Glue Sticks Black/Blue/Red Pens
    Colored Pencils Hi-Lighters Index Cards
    Flash Drives 3 Ringed Binders Loose Leaf Paper

    Schools constantly need basic supplies for the students and with Transwest matching donations, you have the opportunity to have your contribution count as double. So if you aren’t in the market for a vehicle stop by during these hours and drop off your donation in the bed of the Ram 1500. If you or someone you know is in the market for a new or used vehicle we stock all brand new Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram models that the manufacturers are producing and we have an incredible selection of used vehicles available. Fleet and commercial purchases are also included in this event!

    We are excited for a good turn out and hope everyone has a safe school year!